Fresh smoothies right at home are an affordable strategy to recover your energy. But regular kitchen blenders can merely check the standard mark for the outcome.

In fact, almost everybody checks their owned blender for smoothies at least once. What you need is a functional blender to meet your satisfaction within the budget.

And that’s where you need the absolute best blender for green smoothies. Of course, you want something versatile to cover everyday blending tasks at once.

Our experts managed to narrow down the extensive number of available options. You’ll get to know everything on the subject to confront a successful investment.

Best blenders for green smoothies on a budget

And it’s time to look into the comprehensive details on individual products. Our experts managed to enlist the essential points, skipping verbose discussions. You should know the actual requirements to narrow down the possibilities at once.

1. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Professional Series 750 from Vitamix lets you blend like a pro for particular needs. Its 64oz container can comfortably prep larger batches at once.

Also, you can use speed control or pulse setting to create a distinctive texture. Meanwhile, five built-in program settings should suffice the operation.

The precise container design comes with aero-grade stainless steel blades. And the powerful 120V motor initiates hot steaming through frictional heat.

Its plastic remains usable with the best personal blender for green smoothies. Check consistent results for smoothies, frozen desserts, soup & puree.


  • Integration of five pre-programmed settings.
  • Variable speed control with the pulsating feature.
  • Solid steel blade inside low-profile 64 oz cup.
  • 120V, 12 Amps, 50 – 60 Hz rating & a 6’ cord.


  • Manual fine-tuning of texture.
  • Walk-away blend convenience.
  • Consistency in blending action.
  • Supportive self-cleaning specs.
  • Immediate storage in cabinets.


  • Questionable packaging.
  • A large batch of blending.

2. Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender

Let the intuitive control of the A2300 Ascent Series deliver a satisfying texture. Pairing the base with compatible cups sets a personalized blending system.

Built-in motor to have self-detection tech can recognize the container size itself. It immediately adjusts the settings using the integrated five programs.

In addition, the digital timer comes with variable speed settings with the pulsating feature. And the steel blades deliver maximum cuts with a peak 2.2HP design.

A precise structure with a high-performance motor requires minimal maintenance. Blending a drop of dish soap with warm water wipes the residuals at once.


  • Built-in wireless connectivity to the Vitamix app.
  • Variable speed control with the pulsating feature.
  • Integrated digital timer with 64oz container.
  • 110V, 12 Amps, 50 – 60 Hz rating & a 4’ cord.


  • Auto blending time adjustment.
  • Perfect texture for every recipe.
  • Sleek, personalized, stylish blend.
  • Full removal of meal guesswork.
  • Addition of fitting container size.


  • The base seems pretty wide.
  • Difficulty in lid removal.

3. Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade Blender

Professional blending is sure to achieve a finely tuned texture of recipes. Its metal driving system can provide the exact blade speed for smoothness.

Steel blades inside the 64oz container can deliver medium to large batches. Meanwhile, the base motor can induce a maximum of 2HP outcome.

The best machine for making green smoothies integrates a radial cooling fan with thermal safety. Easy speed adjustment lets you check the available variations.

And a specially designed tamper helps to process thick & tough blends. Precise container design enables simple cleaning to require 30 – 60 secs.


  • Aero-grade steel blades hold the speed fast.
  • 64oz container to prep medium/large batches.
  • Radial cooling fan with thermal protection spec.
  • 120V, 11.5 Amps, 50 – 60 Hz rating & a 6’ cord.


  • Complete control of blade speed.
  • Special tamper-supported process.
  • Frictional heat to offer steam hot.
  • Superfast 30s-60s cleaning facility.
  • Full consistency in recipe texture.


  • High-setting food heat.
  • Periodical stalling issue.

4. Blendtec Classic 575 Blender Bundle

Start creating large batches of smoothies, hot soup, salsa, and cocktails in large batches. Blendtec Classic lets you skip pre-blending cuts for the precise outcome.

There are 4 pre-programmed cycles with 5 manual speed settings for control. You can easily achieve a wide range of recipe textures using its built-in pulse.

Forged stainless steel blades stand 80% thicker to save prepping cuts or pokes. The 90oz jar offers 36oz capacity whereas 75oz delivers 32oz capacity.

An incredibly powerful motor assembly at the base can induce 3.0Hp at maximum. Built-in LCD display reveals the blending cycle remaining time at once.


  • Forged blade of stainless steel with wings.
  • 1-Touch buttons to operate 4 pre-programs.
  • BPA-Free WildSide with 90oz & 75oz jars.
  • 5 Manual speed controls with LCD display.


  • Included precision pulse button.
  • Least operational cuts or pokes.
  • Simple adjustment of blending.
  • Extremely powerful base motor.
  • Functional cleanup cycle facility.


  • Somewhat loud noise.
  • No tamper availability.

5. Vitamix E310 Explorian Professional-Grade Blender

Fuel your passion with precise culinary recipes right at home with a few clicks. The Explorian Series from Vitamix initiates power, endurance & control.

Its 48oz container facilitates ten variable speeds with a pulsating feature. Notably functional motor enables the simpler achievement of different textures.

Precise container design also integrates laser-cut blades of solid stainless steel. And the blades reach the intended speed fast enough for frictional heat.

Special tamper design lets you save hassling scraps for effortless processing. Warm water with dish soap’s drop incorporates a self-cleaning mechanism.


  • Ten integrated variable speed settings with a pulse.
  • 48oz capacity blend for medium to small batches.
  • Steel blades of 3” diameter, 120V rating, 4.5’ cord.
  • Powerful motor with a special tamper for the container.


  • Extremely precise culinary blending.
  • Deliberate self-cleaning maintenance.
  • The exact handling of tough ingredients.
  • No side scraping with a special tamper.
  • Protection against thermal problems.


  • Loose canister locking.
  • Space at blade bottom.

6. Hamilton Beach 58800 Professional Blender

Simplify your blending experience with its minimalistic operational design. Hamilton designs a powerful yet cheap blender for green smoothies.

Its 1800W motor can induce a maximum of 2.4HP to blend ice cubes. Complete thermal protection keeps the mechanism secure against elements.

Easy-pouring measurement cups come with rubber-mounted components. Therefore, incredibly fast blending takes place in noticeably low noise.

Likewise, there is a variable speed dial to establish full control of texture. And dishwasher safety saves the hassle of cleanup after every session.


  • Steel blades rotate at 140 mph for evenness.
  • Measuring cap for shatterproof 64ozno-BPA jar.
  • Variable speed dial for 2.4HP/1800Watt motor.
  • Thermal protection with rubber-mounted parts.


  • Accurate metal driving mechanism.
  • Pulsating function at blending speed.
  • Years of consistent recipe texture.
  • Minimal problems from overheating.
  • Notably quiet blending mechanism.


  • Extremely loose insert/cup.
  • Minimal specs of jar mouth.

7. Cleanblend High-Performance Commercial Blender

Clean, fresh, healthy eating should get started with the Cleanblend commercial blender. It’s one of the most powerful blenders available for heavy use.

For the best part, the intended device can perform 9 different tasks in the kitchen. In fact, you can blend, crush, chop, grind, heat, liquefy, process & puree.

The rating counts 3Hp for output, 1800W for the motor & 120V for connection. And the completely BPA-free 64oz jar delivers large batches for the family.

Sealed ball-bearing to support the steel blades can initiate superb consistency. Meanwhile, cleaning remains incredibly simple without taking much time.


  • Direct replacement of 9 kitchen appliances at once.
  • 8-Blade sealed ball bearing for food-grade blades.
  • Easy-to-use variable speed with a pulsating facility.
  • 3 HP performances with 1800W motor & 120V plug.


  • Powerful motor to enable consistency.
  • Large batches come in greater portions.
  • Almost unbreakable BPA-free pitcher.
  • Healthy recipes with less fuss & noise.


  • Rusty container bottom.
  • Minimal speed variation.

8. Oster Versa B00EO1AQUU Countertop Blender

Blend the whole vegetables, fruits & other items without cuts/pokes. Versa Pro of Oster integrates absolute consistency with a fresh taste.

Its 1400W motor perfectly drives the blades at 250mph. The built-in metal drive system holds longevity for the best cheap blender for green smoothies.

There come three pre-programmed settings with a standard pulse feature. Absolute blending control prevails to meet the exact satisfaction.

Included tamper lets you deal with tough, stubborn, large ingredients easily. The rubber handle lets you use the 64oz Tritan jar without hassles.


  • Three programmed settings with variable speed.
  • 64oz BPA-free Tritan jar on 1400W base motor.
  • Stainless steel blade to rotate at 250mph on calls.
  • Inclusion of tempering accessories for the blender.


  • Comforting operation with simple clicks.
  • Absolute control over the blending process.
  • Minimal or no movement during its use.
  • Fully metal drive system for endurance.
  • Easy reading measures & no-mess spout.


  • Hassling removal of the jar lid.
  • The bottom part gets very hot.

9. Ninja SS351 Foodie Power Pitcher System

Amazon Renewed checks refurbished Ninja professional blender green smoothies. The pre-owned unit comes on the market after extensive tests.

Minimal imperfection can make way to distort its performance. It can effectively crush to process foods ahead of making green smoothies & dough.

14oz bowl marker & 24oz extraction cup comes with 72oz processor pitcher. The 1400W motor can hold at least 80% power from fully new batteries.

Variable speed control with smartTORQUE manages the operation without stalling. Also, there are six pre-set Auto-IQ programs for absolute control.


  • Pre-owned product to have expert revision by Amazon.
  • 72oz container, 24oz extraction cup, 14oz bowl maker.
  • 6 Pre-set Auto-IQ programs with variable speed control.
  • Integrated smartTORQUE technology for performance.


  • Extreme load handling action without stall.
  • Perfect thickness through minimal liquids.
  • Smooth extraction with better breakdown.
  • Total control for precise mixing/chopping.
  • Electronic waste reduction in the environment.


  • Slight problems at the start.
  • Minimal product details.

10. NutriBullet NBR-1201 Blender/Mixer System

Let’s close the review with the best compact blender for green smoothies. NutriBullet allows you to comfortably pulverize fruits, shakes, veggies & foods.

Complete 12-unit package includes motor base, extractor twist blade & milling blade. And it supports handled, 24oz & 18oz cups with rings as well as lids.

BPA-free plastic cups can stand for years from the supportive 600W motor power. Simple dismantling of individual parts lets you make an effortless cleanup.

Patented blade design enables a cyclonic action to achieve the right texture. And the featured design complied with US & Canadian electricity standards.


  • Simple dismantling of parts for cleanup maintenance.
  • 24oz & 18oz container jar to blend smaller batches.
  • A reasonable 600W motor powers the refined blades.
  • A total of 12 contents are in the package for assembly.


  • Compact but powerful personal blender.
  • Intuitive design for operational simplicity.
  • North American electrical standard spec.
  • Durable cups without BPA contamination.
  • Completely intact re-sealable lids on top.


  • Lousy O-ring integration.
  • Not for large/mid-batch.

Buyer’s Guide about best blender for veggie smoothies

Not every blender is created equal and hence the extensive range of possibilities. Likewise, a blender is one appliance to remain abundantly available in showrooms. However, you ought to check the essential facts to decide on an option’s acceptance. And the following points can lead you to the best blender for green smoothies at once.

1. Motor Power

One of the most essential concerns goes with motor power. In fact, further power means more rpm rating. You may consider 1400W – 1800W for prepping a larger batch. But a 600W – 1000W motor can suffice regular small batches at home.

2. Speed Settings

Variable speed settings remain the most common feature in modern blenders. However, you may want to check a supportive pulse to push the performance. Not to mention, try to determine the outcome for individual speed settings.

3. Blade Quality

Almost all functional blenders use solid stainless steel blades for the cuts. And there are several sealed ball bearings to provide maximum rotation. Again, you should attempt to determine the possible blade speed (150mph – 250mph).

4. Jar Capacity

As it happens, you can afford 3 particular smoothies blenders with many options. 64oz remains the standard, whereas you can find 72oz as well as 96oz containers. Meanwhile, 36oz or 24oz cup capacity depicts small-scale batches only.

5. Noise

Blending sound is more like an inconclusive relative matter in the context. The same noise within the tolerable limit may appear extremely loud for specific customers. Try to settle for a design having rubberized parts to reduce the actual level.

6. Programs

Pre-set programs are rather common in functional blenders these days. And the number counts differently with the intended model, value & use. You must ensure every detail from the needs to check a maximum number of pre-programs.

7. Material

Heavy, sturdy, healthy plastic is indeed the ultimate component of blenders. No BPA contamination often gets priority with the container over health concerns. Don’t miss the bottom section with seals, detachable lid & connecting cords.

8. Cleaning

Integration of self-cleaning facilities seems popular among large-capacity blenders. Also, you can take individual parts from the assembly for a close cleanup. But ensure the parts are dishwasher safe to save potential damage to materials.


You should feel good and confident now in buying the right blender for healthy smoothies. The elaborate buying guide to follow the primary reviews should enlighten the thought.

However, it’s not exactly precise to recommend a particular choice without knowing your details. But you can definitely count on each best blender for green smoothies at home.

FAQs About best blender for green drinks

I guess you have some questions before choosing the best blender for you. So, in this section, we’ve come up with some questions that you may like to know. Let’s start to explore.

Do you need a special-purpose blender for green smoothies?

Options to have enough power to blend ice cubes, as well as frozen fruit, suffice smoothies. That’s where you may/may not need special-purpose blenders. Regular blenders to match the specs can serve the purpose. Otherwise, you’ll have to depend on the blenders specified for smoothies.

What to look for in a blender for green smoothies?

The buying guide mentioned right above can let you check the absolute best purchase. However, you must consider blade speed, motor power & control options for the start. Each point counts equal importance in terms of consistent, fresh, precise green smoothies.

What blenders make a really smooth (drinkable) smoothie?

Actually, there’s no strict lineup to declare smooth smoothies from the blender’s perspective. However, you need to look into the options from Vitamix, Blendtec, and NutriBullet. Don’t forget to explore customer feedback for catching the practical experience with the blender.

I want to crush ice, grind seeds, nuts, and coffee with my blender. What model should I choose?

Likewise, there are several blenders available in the market for the job. Crushing as well as grinding in the same blender requires further checks on buying implementation. But Ninja, Vitamix & Blendtec introduces the most popular models from distinctive lineups.

Can I put a hot, almost boiling liquid or soup into the container?

It’s better to avoid boiling liquid or soup for immediate processing in the blender. Extreme heat may cause somewhat distortion in the speed, deviating from the texture. You can definitely pour boiling liquids, but let the ingredients cool down for some minutes.

What units are suitable for hot drinks?

You’ll have to start looking into a completely new blender list to prep hot drinks. In fact, only a few models can support green smoothies as well as hot liquids. Apart from KitchenAid, Breville, or CleanBlend – you may find viable options in NutriBullet/Vitamix.