Best Glass Stovetop Tea Kettle

Heat up your home with the sweet melody of a whistling tea kettle! With the rise in popularity of electric kettles for making tea or coffee, it’s easy to forget about their beloved stovetop counterparts.

Nothing beats a glass stovetop tea kettle when you want to capture that special experience of boiling water over direct heat without electricity.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect vessel to host your favorite traditional teas or just want an aesthetically pleasing way to prepare hot beverages and dinners, these glass stovetop kettles will be sure to make every occasion simply delicious!

From speedy brewing times to long-lasting beauty, discover why these are some of the best around.

What kind of tea kettle can you use on a glass-top stove?

The best type of tea kettle for a glass-top stove will have an

As you may know, not all tea kettles are made equal. There are some that work better on certain types of stove tops than others. For example, if your stove top is electric (i.e., it uses electricity instead of gas), then a stainless steel or copper kettle would probably be preferable because they’re both non-conductive materials. However, if you have a gas stove top, then a stainless steel or aluminum kettle would be a better option because they are both conductive materials and will work better with the heat of the stove.

Can you put a tea kettle on a glass-top stove?

It’s safe to use on various glass top stoves, including electric, induction, halogen, and ceramic stovetops.

You can put a tea kettle on a glass-top stove, but you need to be careful. Some kettles are made of materials that are not compatible with glass top stoves and can cause damage to the surface of your stove. So, it is important to choose a kettle that is specifically designed for use on glass-top stoves.

Best Glass Stovetop Tea Kettle

The following are the best tea kettles for glass top stoves, based on our research and reviews from actual customers.

1. Le Creuset Enamel On Steel Whistling Tea Kettle, 1.7 qt., Caribbean

The Le Creuset Enamel on Steel Whistling Tea Kettle is designed for years of service. Its generous size and shape allow it to be used on any heat source, including gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, and induction. The tea kettle features a fixed whistle that can be easily flipped open for pouring; when the whistle has been opened, the kettle will not whistle again until it is closed. The handle brackets are made of stainless steel and the ergonomic handle is heat-resistant for safe handling. The capacity markings on the base make it easy to gauge how much water is needed.


Key benefits:

  • 1-4/5-quart whistling teakettle made of enamel-coated steel
  • Heat-resistant, ergonomic handle ensures a secure grip
  • Removable round-shaped lid with stay-cool phenolic lid knob
  • Safe for use on all heat sources, including induction; hand wash only
  • Measures approximately 6.0 IN 10.0 IN 10.0 IN

2. Gipfel International Whistling Tea Kettle Stovetop

The Gipfel International Whistling Tea Kettle Stovetop is perfect for quickly boiling water on all cooktops. The tri-ply capsule bottom prevents hotspots and the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip. This 18/10 stainless steel whistling tea kettle is perfect for stovetop use. The tri-ply capsule bottom ensures even heat distribution and compatibility with all cooktops. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, and the whistle alerts you when your water reaches a boil. This kettle features a plastic-free construction for safe, healthy boiling.


Key benefits:

  • Efficient: This stainless steel whistling tea kettle is a sleek and efficient addition to any kitchen. The 2.2L capacity is perfect for a family or surprise visitors, and it quickly boils every time
  • Induction: This water kettle for the stove top uses an induction capsule bottom. That means the premium stovetop tea kettle heats quickly regardless of the type of stove it’s used on
  • Classic look: Stovetop kettles for boiling water come in many looks, but nothing is as stylish as the classics. With a practical, German-engineered design, this kettle looks at home in every kitchen
  • Ergonomic handle: This whistling tea kettle for stove top offers an ergonomic handle, which can be fixed into a comfortable position. The handle makes pouring from the spout easy every time
  • Safe: These teapots and kettles are plastic free, BPA free, and food grade. The stainless steel stovetop kettle is also rust proof and lasts for years. The teapot stovetop metal prevents rusting

3. DEMMEX 1mm Thick Hammered Copper Tea Pot Kettle Stovetop Teapot

This DEMMEX copper teapot is a sturdy and beautiful way to make tea. The thick, solid copper construction is 1mm thick and lined with lead-free tin for safety and easy cleaning. The pot is handmade in Turkey and is suitable for use on gas or electric stoves.


Key benefits:

  • DEMMEX Heavy Gauge Thick Solid Copper Teapot. (Antiqued Copper)
  • Solid Uncoated Copper.
  • Copper Thickness : **1mm**. Capacity: 1.6 Quarts
  • Lined with lead free tin for safety & ease of cleaning
  • 100% Handmad in Turkey. Suitable for gas/electric stoves. (Not for induction)

4. Chef’s Secret 2.75-Quart T-304 Stainless-Steel Tea Kettle

Looking for a high-quality tea kettle that will help you rapidly brew your favorite nourishing beverages? Look no further than the Chef’s Secret 2.75-quart T-304 Stainless-Steel Tea Kettle with Copper Center Capsule Bottom. Our elegant tea kettle is designed with a robust thermal conductivity that allows boiled, hot, and warmed liquid to hold temperature longer than in conventual ceramic or glass teapots. Featuring a powerful 4-layered T-304 stainless-steel cauldron construction, our cutting-edge teakettle is the perfect addition to any kitchen.


Key benefits:

  • A 21ST CENTURY TEAKETTLE: The Chef’s Secret 2.75-quart T-304 Stainless-Steel Tea Kettle with Copper Center Capsule Bottom is a marvel of futuristic engineering that helps you rapidly brew your favorite nourishing beverages.
  • SOPHISTICATED CRAFTSMANSHIP: Designed with robust thermal conductivity that allows boiled, hot and warmed liquid to hold temperature longer than in conventual ceramic or glass teapots, our elegant tea kettle draws the eye with a gleaming mirrored-finish.
  • INNOVATIVE ENGINEERING: Featuring a powerful 4-layered T-304 stainless-steel cauldron construction, our cutting-edge teakettle is a heavy-duty steaming vessel that heats quickly and evenly-boiling water incredibly quickly.
  • THOUGHTFUL PRACTICAL DESIGN: Utilizing a riveted handle, heat-resistant hand grip, lid with a heat-resistant knob-handle and strategically-placed opening lever that keeps fingers away from steam, our sleek teakettle offers a lifetime of reliable use.
  • MODERNLY DECORATIVE KITCHEN TOOLS: Chef’s Secret creates modern kitchen tools and functional accessories that are practical yet so remarkably beautiful that you’ll want to own every single one of them

5. Teabloom Celebration Complete Tea Set – Stovetop Safe Glass Teapot 40 OZ

Teabloom Celebration Complete Tea Set is a complete blooming tea set that includes everything you need for the perfect cup of blooming tea. The teapot has a 40 oz. capacity and features a stainless steel infuser basket, which keeps loose leaf tea from escaping into your pot. The glass design allows you to watch the blooms unfurl as they steep in hot water. The lid also doubles as a trivet when serving your brewed blooms on top of it!

The blooming flower petals are made from natural ingredients and infused with green tea for added flavor. The result is a delicious, healthy drink that will delight your senses and make any occasion special!


Key benefits:

  • AWARD-WINNING COMPLETE BLOOMING TEA GIFT SET. This set comes with all the essentials for an elegant tea party: 40 oz. / 1200 ml high-quality glass teapot with lid, glass infuser, warmer and candle, four 3.4 oz. / 100 ml double-wall glass cups and 12 blooming tea flowers in a gift canister.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY & INTELLIGENT DESIGN. All implements are constructed of durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass and are stovetop, microwave and dishwasher safe. This premium glass teapot features an ergonomic handle and dripless spout. All you taste is pure, delicious tea.
  • VERSATILITY FOR EVERY KIND OF TEA. This crystal-clear teapot and accessories are ideal for enjoying flowering tea as well as loose leaf teas, tea bags, and for steeping healthy fruit waters. Keep warm over the candle-lit glass warmer or pour tea over ice for a refreshing summer option.
  • EXPLORE THE WORLD OF BLOOMING TEA. Included in this set is an airtight canister of 12 unique flowering tea blossoms in a variety of bold and subtle flavors. Steeped in hot water, these exclusive creations blossom into a bouquet of flavor, aroma and beauty. Each makes up to 3 pots of tea.
  • EXPERTS AT YOUR SERVICE. Teabloom is the supplier of choice for five-star hotels worldwide, and manufacturer of the world’s largest selection of glass teapots. Founded on years of experience in the tea business, we are dedicated to customer service and stand behind our products with a full one-year warranty.

6. Whistling Tea Kettle with iCool – Handle, Surgical Stainless Steel Teapot

Do you love tea?

We know that a good cup of tea can make your day. That’s why we’ve designed the perfect whistling tea kettle to make your experience even better. Our i-cool handle ensures that you never have to worry about burning yourself again, while our 5-ply encapsulated base provides even heat distribution for a perfect cup of tea every time.

Plus, our satin finish and large capacity make this the perfect teapot for any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a party or just relaxing at home, our whistling tea kettle is sure to please. And don’t forget – we offer a 1-year warranty so you can purchase with confidence.

Order your very own whistling tea kettle today!


Key benefits:

  • I-COOL HANDLE WHISTLING TEA KETTLE FOR SAFETY | PUSH BUTTON MECHANISM FOR EASE – Featuring the latest Thermal Protection technology, the handle cools down in a few seconds after turning stove top off. You don’t need to touch any hot metal part thanks to the ergonomic push button pouring mechanism
  • ENHANCED HEATING PERFORMANCE WITH 5-PLY ENCAPSULATED BASE – With an IRON layer between 2 ALUMINUM layers wrapped inside of surgical stainless steel tea kettle, Pykal stovetop kettle is built for quick heating and compatibility with all stovetops including ** INDUCTION **
  • SATIN FINISH | PERFECT GIFT BOX | 2 PREMIUM TEA INFUSERS – Packaged in a stylish gift box for the 3 liter capacity kitchen jewel INSIDE. It also comes with 2 premium tea infusers enough for brewing tea for you & your beloved or a houseful of guests!
  • PERFECT WHISTLING SOUND | LARGE CAPACITY – Make tea with this 3 Quart large stove kettle for your entire family. The loud whistle guarantees that you can hear it from another room when the water is boiled.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY | RISK FREE PURCHASE | HOW TO MAKE A CLAIM ? – Your Kettle pot is covered under our 1 Year Full Replacement Warranty. For any claims, you must contact us directly and not Amazon. We have a proven track record in customer service.

7. OXO BREW Classic Tea Kettle – Brushed Stainless Steel

Are you looking for a new tea kettle?

Interest: OXO BREW is the perfect tea kettle for anyone who loves to drink tea. It’s made of high-grade stainless steel that won’t rust and has heat resistant touch points on the spout and handle so you don’t burn yourself when pouring. The large lid opening makes it easy to fill with water, and the soft angled handle makes it comfortable to pour. Plus, there’s an easy-open one-touch spout cap that lets you open or closes with just a touch!

You can use your finger to quickly swipe between apps or zoom into photos, so everything feels fluid and natural on this larger display. With just one hand, you can easily reach content at the top of the screen without adjusting your grip or switching hands. You won’t find another device like it on the market today. It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life!


Key benefits:

  • Easy-open, one-touch spout cap
  • Soft, angled handle for comfortable pouring
  • Handle rotates out of the way for pouring or storing
  • Loud whistle signals when water is ready
  • Large lid opening for convenient filling and cleaning
  • High-grade brushed stainless steel construction guards against rust
  • Heat resistant silicone touch points on spout and handle
  • 1.7 qt capacity

8. Tea Kettle Infuser Stovetop Gift Set

Looking for the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life? Look no further!

Our Tea Kettle Infuser Stovetop Gift Set is just what you need. It comes with a sampling of delicious tea, and it’s made of handblown borosilicate glass for a premium experience. Plus, it comes with a stainless-steel infuser and 4 double-walled cups.

The recipient will be able to quickly brew the perfect cup of tea with this set. It’s also great for those who love to entertain – the spout allows for a smooth pour, so your guests can enjoy their tea without any fuss. Purchase now and give the gift that will certainly impress!


Key benefits:

  • [ WE CARE… ] and that’s why we bring to you this Beautiful and Elegant Glass Tea Infuser! Why not relax whilst you watch your tea brew and be transported to a five star spa experience in the comfort of your own home? The unique combination of usability and aesthetics makes it a perfect accessory to your pamper hamper. The tea pot holds thirty five ounces allowing you to serve four to six cups worth, whilst enjoying your tea with family and friends at any social gathering!
  • [ LOVE GIFTS? ] “Wow” your family and friends with such a unique gift idea! The box comes Perfectly packaged taking away from the tedious task of wrapping the product. This “authentic-meets-modern-set” can be given as a house-warming, wedding or anniversary gift…the list is endless. This appeals to people of all ages and background. A safe and beautiful choice. Order your teapot now, while stock last – and another one for your friend.
  • [ THREE IN ONE STOVE TOP, MICROWAVE and DISHWASHER SAFE ] These features make this premium and high quality borosilicate glass teapot practical for use in any setting. Why not put it on any gas or electric stovetop and use it as a kettle? You can heat or reheat your tea in the microwave as a quicker alternative. All components of the glass teapot can be washed in the dishwasher, making tea hosting a breeze. Make your tea however your heart desires and bring out your inner tea enthusiast.
  • [ COMPLETE TEAPOT SET WITH TEA LEAVES and BLOOMING TEA ] Not only are you getting a teapot but also four double walled glass cups, tea leaves and a blooming tea making it a complete serving set. The tea maker comes with a rust-free stainless steel tea strainer basket holds teabags or loose tea leaves which can be removed after your tea has steeped. The deep infuser goes right to the bottom of the teapot so that if you only make tea for one or two, you don’t have to fill it right up to the top!
  • [ RISK FREE PURCHASE ] You are our top priority so if for some reason you are not satisfied we will provide you full refund within ninety days of purchase. This teapot has been designed with the intentions of improving your tea making and serving comfort. Therefore, I now invite you to make this risk-free purchase and click the ‘ADD TO CART’ button and alter your tea experience forever!

9. TMOST Glass Teapot with Infuser 33oz/1000ml Glass Kettle Glass Pitcher Tea Pot

Do you love tea?

TMOST Glass Teapot with Infuser is perfect for you! This well-designed teapot has a glass pitcher and an extra tea infuser basket. It’s also made of durable borosilicate glass, which makes it heat resistant and safe to use on the stove top.

The best part is that this teapot comes with a free bonus – an extra tea infuser basket. Now you can make two cups of tea at once! And don’t worry about spills – the comfortable handle ensures a firm grip.


Key benefits:

  • TEAPOT FOR STOVE TOP: This glass teapot is made from premium borosilicate glass which is highly heat and cold resistant, good for both cold and hot drinks. The glass kettle is stovetop safe, microwave and dishwasher safe, BPA free & lead-free.
  • GLASS PITCHER WITH INFUSER: This pitcher is designed with removable food-grade stainless steel filter spout which prevents tea leaves and fruit slices from pouring out. It is perfect for making homemade beverage/ice tea/fruit tea.
  • EXTRA BONUS: TMOST teapot also come with an extra tea infuser basket with a chain, which can be used to make tea with small tea leaves or granular such as barley tea. You can also use it as a teabag separately in a mug.
  • WELL-DESIGNED TEAPOT: This tea pot is designed with non dripping spout and ergonomic handle for sturdy grip. The bamboo lid with a silicone ring makes it leak-proof and prevents the lid from falling. And the wide mouth makes it easy to clean.
  • GIFT FOR TEA LOVER: 33oz/1000ml, perfect for a family of 2. This pretty clear teapot is a perfect gift for tea lovers. ( Please contact us if you need any help.)

10. Teapot Glass Tea Kettle – OBOR Small Teapot with Removable Infuser

This OBOR Glass Teapot is a top quality, eco-friendly option for those who love tea. Made of durable borosilicate glass, this teapot has a removable stainless-steel strainer and a spill free design. It’s also stovetop and gas flame safe, with a capacity of 450ml/15oz.


Key benefits:

ECO-FRIENDLY AND HEALTHY – Our glass teapot is made from a 100% borosilicate glass that is resistant to thermal shock, making it safe for use on the stovetop and in the microwave.

REMOVABLE STAINLESS-STEEL STRAINER – The removable stainless-steel strainer allows for easy cleaning and maintenance of your teapot. Simply rinse with warm water or place in the dishwasher.

SPILL FREE DESIGN – The spout design prevents spills by directing tea into your cup instead of all over your counter top! Enjoy a cup of tea without having to worry about stains or messes!

STOVETOP & GAS FLAME SAFE – Our glass teapots are designed to be used on gas and electric stoves. The handle is heat resistant, and the lid is made of stainless steel.

450ML/15oz CAPACITY – This OBOR small teapot has a capacity of 15 oz, or 450 ml. It’s perfect for making tea for one or two people!

OBOR GLASS TEAPOT – Made from borosilicate glass that is both heat resistant and dishwasher safe. The infuser basket can be removed so you can enjoy loose leaf tea without the hassle of straining it after brewing.

What kind of tea kettle can you use on a glass top stove?

The best type of tea kettle for a glass top stove will have an

Can you put a tea kettle on a glass top stove?

It’s safe to use on various glass top stoves, including electric, induction, halogen, and ceramic stovetops.

Buying criteria About Glass Top Stove Tea Kettle

There are many features that make a good tea kettle for a glass top stove. The most important ones include:


Some tea kettles are made of stainless steel, while others are made out of Cast Iron, glass or even copper. Copper is usually the most durable material

Stainless Steel:

If you are looking for a kettle that will not corrode over time, then stainless steel is the best option. It is also easy to clean and does not rust.


Glass kettles are a beautiful option for those who want to see the tea brewing process, and they are also stovetop and dishwasher safe.

Cast Iron:

Cast iron kettles are the most durable, but they can be quite heavy. They also require regular seasoning to prevent rusting and corrosion.


Copper is the most durable material, but it can sometimes be difficult to clean because of the tarnish.


Kettles come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to choose one that fits your needs. Most kettles are between two and four quarts in size, while others can be as small as one quart or even larger than five quarts.


The shape of the kettle can also be important, especially if you have a glass top stove. Some kettles are designed with a small footprint so they do not take up too much space on your stovetop. Others are taller and wider, making them better for larger pots and pans.


There are many different types of kettles available, and they can range in price from $15 to over $100. It is important to find one that fits your budget and meets your needs.

Easy to clean:

It is essential to find a kettle that is easy to clean. Some kettles have detachable parts and are dishwasher safe, while others require manual cleaning.


It is important to find a kettle that will last for a long time. Some kettles come with a warranty, while others are made of durable materials that will not corrode or rust.

Customer Satisfaction:

It is important to find a kettle that other people are happy with. Tea kettles can be quite subjective, so it is important to read the reviews before you buy.


If you are looking for a tea kettle that is easy to use, durable and stylish, then the OBOR Glass Teapot is the perfect option for you. It is made of borosilicate glass that is resistant to thermal shock and comes with a removable stainless-steel strainer. The spout design prevents spills, making it safe and easy to use. The kettle also has a capacity of 15 oz, or 450 ml, making it perfect for brewing tea for one or two people.